About Us

Expanding your business to the world isn’t easy, but it’s what DevNetworks Inc. does best. We use substantial IT solutions in helping our clients build brand recognition and presence on the internet and to the world over time.


As one proverb would say that great things come from small things and so did DevNetworks Inc. Devnetworks Inc. initially started when a German national and co-founder of DevNetworks Inc. was looking for freelance IT experts in 2012 who would partner with him in his various web projects. Mr. Nordquist met Ms. Dianne Saycon and later Ms. Bless Largosa, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, who worked on a number of projects.

In 2013, Mr. Nordquist later expanded his software projects and needed more IT professionals. Then hired that time were Mr. Wylan Osorio and Mr. Aljohn Villarubia, who now holds key positions in the company. Tagged to work on E-Commerce was Ms. Vanessa Yting, current Chief Finance Officer, who will work on tasks like Amazon.

That year, the team started providing e-commerce services to Buchkoenig, a German online merchant company. Also handled were eBay and Amazon services to Buchkoenig.

In 2014, DevNetworks was formalized into a start-up IT company where required documents were gathered and prepared. In January 2015, DevNetworks Inc. was registered as VAT, a non-stock organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In 2015, new members were needed to help out on the growing tasks of DevNetworks Inc. in providing E-Commerce, Software and Web Development Services as well as its growing administrative, human resources and financial management of the company.

In 2016, DevNetworks Inc. started to accept IT On-the-Job trainees from different schools. Various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and its very own website were conceptualized to help promote the presence of DevNetworks.

Currently, DevNetworks Inc. is growing its business and diversifying its workforce of IT professionals and trainees who have common passion and skills in information technology. DevNetworks Inc. is currently doing support and projects of Buchkoenig, Her Money, Natricia Bernard, Deutsche-Honorarberatung, Mapo Moebel, and sail4dive among others.

DevNetworks Inc. and its team are truly the ideal company that answers to the IT needs of many companies to sustain and make their presence in the online world.

Corporate Profile


DevNetworks Inc. envisions to be the premier source of IT support and solutions in end – to – end business process.


DevNetworks Inc. is committed to providing timely and effective IT support and solutions in end–to–end business process in the Philippines and the rest of the world.


To realize the vision and mission, DevNetworks Inc. aims to:
  1. Provide clients with innovative and reliable IT business support and solutions;
  2. Consistently deliver high-quality value IT solutions that allow sustainable organization growth;
  3. Play an active role in the business processing and outsourcing technology.


  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency

Meet the Team

Bless Largosa

CEO | Co-Founder
DevNetworks Inc. is a dynamic and fast growing BPO company, with a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions to most technological problems. We love to work on exciting and complex projects. Here at DevNetworks Inc., our business operations are culture anchored in our core values and characteristics – reliable, professional, and fast. It is our firm belief that by embracing these values, we will achieve success.

Steffen Nordquist

We are sincere company with a straightforward vision. We believe that DevNetworks Inc. can bring an amazing amount of IT solutions to your business.

Aljohn Villarubia

Chief Operations Officer
Consideration of Information Technology in business is a very important consideration. It will make or break the business. It will make the business sustainable since it will help the business reach more clients and keep the existing ones. It will break the business if IT isn’t use to its fullest. In DevNetworks Inc., we care for your business as if it is our own. WE help make and/or find the solution.

Wylan Osorio

Chief Technology Officer
We’ll ensure your IT investment, such as E-Commerce, Web and Software Development, is working for you by aligning it to your business of our clients as our own. We are compelled to deliver.

Vanessa Yting

Chief Finance Officer
DevNetworks Inc. offers a personalized solution to your business concerns. We make solutions that would enhance the market presence of your products or services. In DevNetworks Inc., we take your products or services to a whole new level.