About Us

DevNetworks Inc. is a BPO company started by Mr. Nordquist in 2012, later expanding software projects and was formalized into a startup company in 2015. Since then, DevNetworks provides E-Commerce, Software, and Web Development services with up-to-date technologies and frameworks.

Expanding your business to the world isn’t easy...

We envision to be the premier source of E2E Business IT support and solutions!

Steffen Nordquist
Steffen Nordquist Co-Founder

We are a sincere company with a straightforward vision–to bring an amazing amount of IT solutions to your business.

Wylan Osorio
Wylan Osorio Chief Executive Officer

We'll ensure your IT investment works for you by aligning your clients as our own. We are compelled to deliver.

Aljohn Villarubia
Aljohn Villarubia Chief Operations Officer

We provide IT solutions to make your business sustainable, helping you reach more clients and keep the existing ones.

Vanessa Osorio
Vanessa Osorio Chief Financial Officer

We offer a personalized solutions to your concerns to take your business and market presence to a whole new level.


We are a company made up of RELIABLE, INNOVATIVE, PROFESSIONAL & EFFICIENT talents.

Web Development

Websites offer businesses the opportunity to build a professional web presence. Make the look, feel personalized, and capture your audience.


Besides blogs or portfolios, you can also sell on your website! E-Commerce is convenient and influences purchase decisions, being available at any time and anywhere.

Software Development

We focus on your users and its value to the business. We encourage change wherein there is an opportunity to constantly refine and re-prioritize the overall product.

Graphics Design

An attractive design encourages more customers! Our flexible designers offer creative graphics design from logo, web page, icons, and more to suit whatever your business needs!

Build your website with us today!